Billie Eilish Kisses YouTuber Quenlin Blackwell at Coachella


Billie Eilish

Kisses YT’er Quenlin Blackwell

… After New LGBT Song

Billie Eilish is leaning into the fact that she’s into girls — planting a kiss on a female YouTuber at Coachella … and smacking the gal’s ass while she’s at it.

The singer was filmed at the music fest this weekend, where she smooched with Quenlin Blackwell — a Gen Z content creator who’s been hanging out with BE a lot lately … and with whom she’s sparking romance rumors after this PDA moment.

X / @joeltovarr

Watch … Billie could be seen grabbing Quenlin’s face and pulling her in for a kiss while enjoying music at the festival. It wasn’t super show-y or anything … still, a kiss is a kiss.

Not just that … but Billie was also filmed dancing with Quenlin at one point, grinding up on her and giving her a few good spanks while music was blasting, with both of them onstage.

Billie and Quenlin have been friends for some time … with Billie often appearing in QB’s TikTok videos alongside actress Odessa A’zion. They’re always goofing around and are very comfortable around each other … so, it’s unclear how serious this really is.

What also makes this interesting is that Billie just dropped a new song at Coachella … it’s called “Lunch” and it’s all about her having feelings for a woman. As we know, Billie came out last year and revealed she was into ladies … although, the announcement was wonky.

Either way … Billie’s obviously not hiding that anymore, going in for the kill with QB. Whether it turns into anything else more serious … we’ll see. Billie’s only publicly dated dudes.

Billie’s third studio album, “Hit Me Hard And Soft,” is set to drop in May — and folks are anticipating some bombshell lyrics.

If her girl-on-girl actions here are any indication … get ready for more of that.

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