Here’s the maximum Social Security benefit you can collect if you’re retiring at 70 this year


There’s no official retirement age in the U.S., and there’s also no such thing as a single age at which to claim Social Security. Because of this, you may decide to push yourself to work until age 70 and sign up for Social Security at that point.

Doing so could result in a very generous monthly benefit. And that holds true whether you’re in line for Social Security’s maximum monthly benefit or not.

You might enjoy a really nice payday

You’re entitled to your complete monthly Social Security benefit, based on your personal income history, when full retirement age (FRA) arrives. That age is either 66, 67, or somewhere in between, depending on your birth year.

But for each year you delay your Social Security filing beyond FRA, your monthly benefit will grow by 8%. And in case it’s not clear, that boost is a permanent one for you to enjoy.

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