Powerball tries to explain $1.3 billion jackpot delay, won’t ID state


The most anticipated Powerball drawing on April 6 was worth an estimated $1.326 billion, the fourth largest jackpot in its history, caught players by surprise when the lottery encountered an issue.

Leaving Powerball players hanging with their tickets close by, game officials announced the delay around 11:15 p.m. ET and said the wait was due to pre-draw procedures that weren’t complete. It wasn’t until 2:30 a.m., more than three hours after the drawing was scheduled, that the winning numbers were pulled at the Florida Lottery studio. The drawing was live-streamed on the Powerball’s YouTube channel.

The drawing had a jackpot worth an estimated $1.3 billion. When the numbers were announced, the jackpot jumped to $1.326 billion. For the 5th time, the Powerball had a jackpot over billion dollars.

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